Swedish speed skates

Fig.1: Swedish speed skates, around 1925
Wood and metal speed skates with stainless steel heel and toe supports. The toe support can be adjusted (detail 1a). This model might be a retro design derived from the ancient American speed skates of the 19th century.

Manufacturer: Gilbergs, Ängelholm (SWE); mark: see details 1b and 1c
Technical data: total length: 49 cm; height over ice: 3,7 cm; platforms: 45 cm long. 6 cm wide; runner blades:14 mm tall, 3 mm thick; weight: 630 g

Fig.2: Swedish speed skates, around 1985
Wholly metal T-shaped ice skates provided with a simple ski binding (see details 2a and 2b). Both the heel and the toe device may be adjusted lengthwise. They come in two sizes: one for men and one for women. These ice skates can easily put on and off and therefore are promoted for use as long distance touring skates.

Manufacturer: H. Almgren, Täby (SWE); mark: see detail 2c
Technical data: total length: 50 cm; height over ice: 3.8 cm; platforms: 27-32 cm long, 6.5 cm wide; runner blades: 26 cm tall, 1.5 mm thick; weight: 520 g


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