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The trademarks-abc
comprises (almost) all initials and company names that are/have been used by Dutch
blacksmiths, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

The marks have been sorted consistently from the first character, often an initial.
Common abbreviations like Fa. (Firm) and N.V. (Ltd.), however, have been left out.
The same applies to town names if they are the same as the
town of establishment.

An 'X' in the column under 'G' indicates that the mark is published in the trademarks gallery.
An 'X' in the column under 'S' indicates that it concerns the mark of a blacksmith or a manufactory.
An 'X' in the column under 'D' indicates the mark belongs to a wholesaler or a retailer.

The images in the galleries
have been sorted on the first character of the trademark or the company name.

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