English ice skates with curled blades

Fig.1: English skates with curled-up blades, c.1800
Marvellous example of English ice skates with spoon like turned up runner blades. As can be seen from detail 1a the 'curl' is flat forged ''spoon'. Detail 1b shows the blades are of wrought iron and provided with a forged draught having the same function as hollow grindings at present. The detail makes clear that 'sharp edges' in ancient times were not the same as nowadays.

Manufacturer: unknown; mark: none
Technical data: total length: 30 cm; height over ice: 3.5 cm; platforms: 26 cm long, 6 cm wide; runner blades: 15 mm tall, 7 mm thick; weight: 320 g

English speed skates
have got curled blades
as well.
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detail 1a

detail 1b

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