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All ice skates that have been provided with
runner blades with bare necks
are called
'ice skates with curled blades'.

The curls may have a variety of appearances, such as:
not more than a turned up tips;
flat spoon like tips;
simple curls;
large curls with some kind of finial;
sturdy wide hammered curled-up tips.

Until the end of the 19th century ice skating
was not much more than a winter pastime.
People moved around a bit, played a game,
chatted, made fun and used 'refreshments'.

A few of them could scratch their initials
(and those of their girl friend) in the ice surface.
And those who were able to measure their strengths
in a race against the clock were still scarce.
Therefore ice skates from ancient times cannot easily be determined as skates for speed or figure skating.


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