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Fig.1: Training skates, c.1915
The manufacturer promoted these skates in his documentation of 1914 as follows: "These skates are very suitable for little children for learning skating correctly in the living room". The design was awarded a bronze medal at the industrial exhibition in The Hague, Netherlands in 1914.
The platforms of these skates have no grooves for runner blades and thus will not damage the carpet. Nevertheless, they have not been sold very much.

Manufacturer: A.K. Hoekstra, Warga; mark: none
Technical data: total length: 29 cm, height over 'ice': 1.6 cm; platforms: 21 long, 5 cm wide; weight: 90 g including straps

Fig.2: Children's ice skates with double runner blades, c.1925

With these skates the distance between the two parallel blades is minimal. Skating with these skates must give the same feeling as with wide runner blades that have been grinded hollow.

Manufacturer: Fa. A.K. Hoekstra & Co., Warga; mark: none
Technical data: not available

Fig.3: Children's ice skates with double runner blades, c.1950

These ice skates are like a Siamese twin: one body but two heads and two pairs of legs. The distance between the blades allows skating but gliding as well. The skates are fixed under the boots like a common pair of skates by means of straps and laces.

Manufacturer: J. Nooitgedagt & Zn., IJlst (NL)

Technical data: not available


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