Children's ice skates (3 of 5)

Fig.1: Brabant ice skates, c.1910
In the southern provinces of the Netherlands these were the traditional children's ice skates. They were called 'Brabant clogs' or 'Brabant bones'. Originally this model was used in England as club skate. How they were brought to the Netherlands and how they became popular is unclear.

Manufacturer: unknown; mark: none
Technical data: total length: 23 cm; height over ice: 3.5 cm; platforms: 22 cm long, 5 cm wide; runner blades: 14 mm tall, 3 mm thick; weight: 195 g

Fig.2: Brabant ice skates, c.1950

A modern product from a Friesland ice skates factory.

Manufacturer: Nijdam, Akkrum; mark: detail 2a & 2b
Technical data: total length: 24 cm; height over ice: 3.2 cm; platforms: 24 cm long, 5 cm wide; runner blades: 14 mm tall, 2 mm wide; weight: 155 g



detail 2a

detail 2b

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